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Watch: Somizi Mhlongo and Moshe Ndiki leaks bedroom video

Watch: Somizi Mhlongo and Moshe Ndiki leaks bedroom video

Somizi Mhlongo and Moshe Ndiki set tounges tagging on social media after leaking their bedroom video.

The duo shared a video of himself across his social media platforms, and Mzansi was utterly shaken. The video shows Somizi and Moshe dancing half-naked while singing Beyonce’s song.

Somizi and Moshe’s intimate video got Mzansi talking, and the video has gone viral. The viral video has Mzansi asking questions about Somizi and Moshe’s relationship. Is the duo friends, or is there more to their friendship?

Watch the intimate video of Somizi and Moshe below:

A look Inside Moshe and Somizi’s friendship, Somizi and Moshe have been friends for years and have been spotted several times going on baecations together.

The two are business partners who support each other through thick and thin. Moshe was once invited by Somizi on his reality show Dinner with Somzi, and they cooked up a storm.

Moreover, the two recently made headlines after taking over the streets of Alex. Moshe and Somizi had the time of their lives as they were running around Alex and chasing trucks.

The two left social media users green with envy as they flaunted the ultimate friendship goals for two equally “crazy” people.

The two actors decided to cool off from their hectic schedules and put on tiny shorts and shirts before heading to Alexandra in Johannesburg. Coincidentally named Gomora, the telenovela Moshe plays in. The actor plays Andile Faku, a teacher at Gomora .

The day off in Alex aimed to tap into the energy of the ghetto and enjoy kasi food.

As the two indulged their kasi palates, a truck passed by, and they decided to jump onto the trailer.

South African media personality, businessman, and actor, Somizi Mhlongo loves having fun, and every chance he gets, he makes sure everyone around him enjoys it.

Not only those around him but he also shares such fun moments with his fans and followers on social media who absolutely love it.

He recently together with his friend, Moshe Ndiki went to Alexandra to have the food they grew up eating, which shows how humble these two are. While doing that, they saw a passing white truck, jumped on it, and started dancing as it was moving.

The driver left with them for a quite long distance and they had to find another car back to the spot where they had been chilling.

Captioning the videos he shared, Somizi wrote: ‘Lol how do I tell this story. So me and @moshendiki we went to Alex to eat some kasi food.

Then this truck drove past and we decided to hop on lol the driver left with us and we got a bit far away from where we were. We then saw a car dropping off school kids and we hopped in. U shud have seen the shock and excitement on the kids faces. Crazy’

People witnessing all of this couldn’t help but cheer them up because of the free daylight entertainment they were enjoying.

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