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Video: Emtee beat up his 7 months pregnant wife

Popular South African rapper Emtee is an alleged woman beater. The star, who is mostly known for his single roll-up and for his numerous contoversies, which include showing his penis on Instagram and falling on stage, allegedly beat up his 7 months pregnant wife on Valentine’s day.

The huge allegations came out on the star’s Instagram live, where over 700 people heard his wife accuse him of the assault.

The screen recording of the live video was posted online. Emtee’s wife and mother in law can be seen in the footage with Emtee himself holding the camera in the background.

“Do what you want to do,” Emtee can be heard saying as his wife stares at him, arms folded.

“You want to hit us?”The woman’s mother responds as she goes by her day. “We don’t want to do anything.”
“Why are you in my house?”Emtee asks her.

“To protect my daughter because you want to hit her,” the woman replies.

Emtee’s wife approaches the camera with her cellphone in hand. “This is what he did to me,” she announces, showing the phone’s screen, which depicts her swollen face.

Emtee, perhaps out of fear, proceeds to push the phone away from his camera, prompting a response from both women. “Why are you hiding it?” His wife asks him.

“Show them what you did to me. How you beat me up on Valentine’s day, “his wife tells him.
“Never,” Emtee replies.

“Here is the proof. You beat me up while i was 7 months pregnant. Here is the proof, “his wife continues.
Never. Leave me alone, “Emtee continues to reject the allegations.

“I have not announced my pregnancy to my family, but you humilliating me by taking a live video,” his wife says.

“Leave me alone,” Emtee leaves for another room.

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