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Musa Khawula says Mohale is homeless, hungry, and broke

South Africa gossip blogger and YouTuber Musa Khawula has not slowed down with his controversial content and continues to dish all his latest celeb new and views on his popular channel, The Pope of Pop Culture. His latest episode, he speaks on how Mohale Motaung is apparently broke and homeless.

In a new clip, Musa fires shots at Mohale Motaung – the estranged husband of flambouyant media personality Somizi Mhlongo.

According to Musa, who was filmed in his usual pink room, Mohale has gone broke and is living in a dingy Johannesburg apartment. Musa also alleges that Mohale is now dating wealthy politicians to keep up with the lavish lifestyle he lived while he was still with Somizi.


Musa Khawula has gained himself a reputation as one of the country’s most controversial gossip bloggers, and he doesn’t seem to mind one bit.
He is always serving the latest “tea” in the most bizarre manner, and social media users can’t help but love it.

His latest bit of gossip is that Mohale Motaung is dead broke. According to Musa and “his friends”, Mohale’s plan to “scam” Somizi didn’t work out because Somizi employed the best lawyers.

Khawula also added that Mohale now lives in a shabby CBD apartment and has resorted to dating rich politicians in order to live a good life.

“He’s been a h*e, he tried to scam Somizi, and he’s now dating politicians,” says Khawula, who also threw shade at the radio station where Mohale works, Opulant FM.

Divorce with Somizi

The two have been trending of late. Mohale Motaung reveals that the marriage with Somizi Mhlongo was fake. Wonders never cease to amaze when it comes to Somizi and Mohale. The two made all sorts of headlines when their nasty divorce went public.

Their fallout barely came a year after their two-legged wedding. In the mix of things, they turned to the courts. But it seems like the case twists and turns like any celebrity couple divorcing. Mohale has since pulled a shocker after revealing that the two were not married.

As weird as it sounds, Mohale Motaung reportedly denies being married to Somizi Mhlongo. Of interest, this is not the first time this has been revealed. At some point, Somizi revealed that he was not legally married to Mohale. Their alleged fake marriage collapsed in 2021.

The divorce case now has a new development. Sunday World has since reported a new twist. Mohale insists that he was never married to Somizi. Close sources have it that Mohale intends to oppose his(Som) application for a divorce decree as he says they were not married in the community of property.

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