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Kairo teaches Nadia Nakai to write down her emotions

The thing with losing a loved one is that life goes on. No matter how hurting you are, everything keeps moving life keeps going.

You and your family are left to pick up the pieces alone. It is very important to find a way to deal with the pain before the pain deals with.

Being one as a family and comforting each other helps a lot. Because you have an idea of what you guys are going through.

Nadia Nakai is surrounded by love and support after she lost her boyfriend AKA. It must be hard buy knowing that both her family and his are there for him but be helpful.

She grew very close to his daughter Kairo, and we are happy to see that.

She shared a video of Kairo teaching her how to write her emotions in a journal.

She mentioned that she is going to start putting down her emotions on paper.


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