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Trouble in bedroom for couple Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu?

Communication issues and unrealistic expectations are two of the main reasons people find themselves falling out of love.

But there are things that can be done to stop the fall. Relationships are hard work; they should be viewed as investments, particularly if there is a marriage.

Mzansi celebrity couple Stephanie and Hungani Ndlovu are parents to a beautiful baby girl.

The couple confirmed her birth in a video on their YouTube channel in August. They have also shared their daughter’s name Rhulani Iyana Ndlovu.

February 2020, the couple trended on social media when they shared pictures wearing their wedding rings on Instagram.

Their supporters speculated that they had married secretly. In March, they uploaded the video of their lavish and intimate wedding on their YouTube channel, The Ndlovu’s Uncut. The video got more than 200,000 views within two weeks.

Meanwhile Stefanie recently admitted that she got to a point where she did not want her Hungani to touch her after having a baby.
However her husband spoke of his efforts to be supportive to Stephanie.

He realised he fell short in many ways, as he could not help her regulate her moods or make her feel better about herself while trying to navigate what intimacy meant for them as a couple after having a baby.

Stephanie and Hungani Ndlovu open up about their bedroom struggle after giving birth

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