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AKA’s tombstone found removed and missing

When fans decided to visit the late Kiernan Jarryd Forbes’ grave, they received the shock of their lives when the tombstone was missing.

Many seek answers as some even think theft might be the reason for his tombstone to not be at his grave. However, according to The Citizen, the tombstone was not stolen but it was only removed for technical reasons.

Speaking to the publication about this, the Operations Manager at Authentic Stones, Josh Kenp, said the Forbes family is well aware about this and further explained why the decision to remove it was made.

“The family is very much aware that the tombstone was removed after the burial,” he said. “The tombstone was only at the funeral on Saturday for unveiling purposes, hence it was removed afterwards.

“Once the burial is over, we still need to lay a concrete foundation then we install the tombstone on top of the concrete foundation, otherwise if we installed the tombstone on Saturday, the tombstone would have sunk,” said Kenp.

“At the Westpark Cemetery where AKA has been laid to rest, you can’t do the installation directly after the funeral and you are not allowed to do installations on Saturdays, so we have to install it during the week where we will lay concrete foundation as the burial is already done.

“But because the cemetery gave us special permission to install the tombstone of the late legend immediately, this is why we will install it back again either this week or next week,” concluded Kenp.

AKA was gunned down on February 10 with his friend Tibz in Durban, Florida road. News of his death sent shockwaves across the globe but his life was celebrated at his memorial.

Still paying their tributes and remembering the life of AKA, friends relayed special messages for him.

In one post, Anatii said, “There will never be another Kiernan “AKA” Forbes. long live my brother SUPA MEGA. you were definitely a force to be reckoned with bro.

we had many ups and downs and shared many beautiful moments together, some public and others very private. when we worked on BCWYWF it was transformative period in both our lives, being able to harness the power of forgiveness and focusing on the bigger picture and path that God laid out for us.

the pain caused by the abrupt and sad ending of your life struck a very sensitive chord and I have been questioning the validity and tangibility of life on earth and one’s purpose in this physical realm.

I pray your family, friends, and fans heal. I know it’s lit in heaven right now. rest in eternal peace bro. until next time. CAMAGU.”

Pearl Thusi said, “Wow Kiernan… I’ve been trying to figure out which pic I’d use on my gram after the anniversary of Riky’s passing. To think this is the pic I’m using next… I could have never imagined this.
I’m still trying to string sentences together to express how I feel. Is it better if I come home first? Is it better I just pretend this didn’t happen? I don’t know.

Until then, it’s time to push. If you were in front of me, I would have said I’m just doing it for Kairo’s bag. Why was our love language dragging each other.

I remember when I didn’t understand the difference between albums, EPs , single releases etc. lol. I said to you I’ve bought all your albums, to which you said “there’s only one , but thanks baby girl!”. Anyway- over a decade later- and I’ve bought all your albums for real this time.”

His girlfriend Nadia Nakai posted several pics of them together and even asked for prayers.

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