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Get to known AKA’s childhood bestie, Sim Dope: Son of a billionaire

So Simdope, AKAs best friend since they were 11years old is actually SIMphiwe Gumede, Robert Gumede’s son (one of the richest men in SA).

Their home is like the size of The Pavilion, they drive some of the most expensive cars in the World from Rolls Royces to Ferraris etc.

He also booked Rick Ross to perform at Simdopes’ birthday, and that was the first time AKA performed.

The cover to AKAs single Simdope is an actual photo of him and Simdope in high school… “When AKA said “So if I die, i pray to God, he brings me back as Simdope”

it’s because he was referring to his lifestyle. He also makes reference to Gijjma, the company owned by Robert Gumede.

The best thing about their friendship is that it was genuine it was not about Fame or Money.

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