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Babes Wodumo visits Mampintsha’s grave on Valentine’s Day and said this

The first Valentine’s Day without her husband.

The fans were in tears after Babes wodumo went to the grave to visit her late husband carrying flowers and a teddy bear.

BABES wodumo opened up to the public her Valentine’s without Mampintsha. After the death of Mampintsha on the 24 of December 2022, a wound was opened inside the heart of Babes wodumo.

She shared her message, saying that other women out there are happily celebrating Valentine’s Day, and she is missing her husband.

She revealed that Mampitsha would be so happy to be with Babes wodumo on valentines Day, but it did not happen, so she is trying to be just firn without him.

They would have spent the day together if he was still alive, so sad.

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