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Dintle and Reggie continue as husband and wife

It’s very painful to find out that your soulmate and the love of your life are your biological father or biological daughter.

For etvScandal characters Dintle and Reggie who had found love at a later stage in their lives. The two were then hit by heartbreaking news that they were father and daughter.

This was even confirmed earlier this month when they took DNA tests, which truly indicated Dintle was Reggie daughter.

Now that they know the truth, it remains a mystery as to what they will do next.

They have feelings for each other, and that can not be taken away. Feelings can not be switched off like that.

Last night, the two lovers, now father and daughter, came to a point of kissing and showing affection towards each other.

Dintle was quick to tell Reggie that they should just continue as husband and wife because they really love each other.

This will be a very bizarre and uncommon relationship, but well, there is nothing these love birds can do.

The question will be, will the people and family members allow such a relationship? Maybe it’s too late because they have seen each other’s nakedness, and nothing is a mystery between them anymore.

Karabo, Reggie’s son, was against the relationship from the onset, and now that they two want to commit this taboo.

What will happen afterwards?..

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