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Popular Amapiano star star arrested for r@pe

One of South Africa’s popular Amapiono singer has been arrested for r@pe. This comes as kwaito singer Brickz is still in prison for the same crime.

The artist who’s name has not yet been revealed due to protection of the victim is believed to be 24 years old.

According to reports from tabloid publication The Daily Sun, the artist was detained by the police in Stilfontein, North West.

His name can not be revealed at the moment as he has not yet pleaded his case.

It was really not his day as he was also allegedly assaulted by the victims on New Year’s Eve day.

He spent the New Year’s Eve in hospital as he was nursing his wounds under the care of the police.

As a publication we understand that the singer who originally hails from Eastern Cape made his brief appearance in court on Tuesday.

He also revealed to the court that his phone was forcefully taken away from him by the person who assaulted him.

Though not so clear, our sources have told us that the singer was arrested on the 28th of December and the police had ro escort him to the hospital.

The incident has now been confirmed by the hospital’s spokesperson Tefo Tladi.

He told the publication that the singer was admitted at the hospital in the early hours of 29 December due to some head injuries.

He added that the singer was then discharged on 2 January 2023 as he was now in a stable condition.

The incident has now been confirmed by the police as they also reveal that the victim was 14-years-old.

During his appearance in court on Tuesday, the singer said he was bringing his lawyer on the 5th of January.


This particular singer is not the only top singer who has been nabbed for such a case.

Back in 2017 it shocked everyone that top kwaito singer Brickz was nabbed for raping his neice.

The singer was sentenced to 15 years in prison and is still serving it inside.

Earlier last year news broke out that Brickz had been released on parole but the Correctional services department declined and said its fake news.

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