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Ntswaki Skeem Saam real life Net worth Age and boyfriend

Ntswaki Skeem Saam real life Net worth Age and boyfriend

Though little is known about  Skeem Saam actress Ntswaki  her real life age, boyfriend, and name and net worth has got fans talking.

This publication did a bit of digging and found some fun facts about the actress.

Ntswaki real name and Age

The actress’ real name is Lethabo Mekoa born in 2004 on the 14th day of September.

She was born in Pretoria and has now graced the small screens with her great acting skills.

She made her big break on Skeem Saam as trouble some teenager who join the Maputla family.

Looking at her posts and what she has previously said in public. It looks like her grandmother plays a very pivotal role in her life.


At the close of the year 2022, she set the internet ablaze with her lobola pictures.

It was revealed that she got married to her high school sweetheart. She posted pictures of her lobola day.

But one thing for sure is she did not confirm nor deny that she was now married. She kept on hitting around the bushes when her fans asked her about it.

How much is Lethabo worth?

Currently it hasn’t been revealed how much she is worth as she recently joined the acting scenes.

Her salary has been estimated at R11 000 per month for the role that she plays on Skeem Saam.

Ntswaki story line on Skeem Saam

She initially came in as a visitor playing a cimio role on the show.

She has now fast become a fan favorite of many viewers and most of them have demanded she comes permanent.

The teenager is staying with the rich family of Maputla and is just brewing some teenage problems for them.

While John Maputla is skeptical about keeping the girl, Meikei on the other hand has been defending her.

Meikie is covering up all her shenanigans but John can see through the lies and deceit.

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