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Lehasa not ready to marry Pretty

Pretty’s love fantasy bubbble is about to explode as she gets to realize that Lehasa isn’t ready to make her Mrs.

On a couple of occasions the two have had the discussions of marriage and Lehasa has showed no interest in it.

Lehasa is only focused on his upcoming baby with Khwezi. Everytime Pretty talks of marriage, Lehasa tells her that now he wants to focus on the baby.

Pretty has always been ready to become Lehasa’s wife. Lehasa has also been trying to show her that he loves and so much.

On Christmas they surprised the Seakamela family as they made their appearance for Christmas lunch.

This made the whole family happy including MaNtuli who instantly forgave him for the past mistakes and wars they have been into together.

Meanwhile Chef Kgosi will keep on feeding Pretty with more poison that Lehasa and Khwezi will finally play happy family when their child is now born.

According to teasers kgosi will bust Pretty’s fantasy. The teasers read, “Chef Kgosi hurls bitter truths at Pretty and bursts her love fantasy.”

Pretty will start acting weird around Lehasa as a signal for him to at least proposed and make her his fiancee.

Now their relationship will be on a rocky road as Pretty doesn’t want to be just a house wife and a lap dog to Lehasa.

Meanwhile Khwezi is also getting ready to make her way back into Lehasa’s life.

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