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Sbongile to become a single mom as Scara denies pregnancy

It keeps getting worse for Sbongile as her self inflicted troubles just keep getting worse.

Earlier in January it came to light that Sbosh has a bun in her oven after she kept falling ill.

Her Secret was safe until she tried to abort and the abortion failed. While in Hospital the doctor revealed that Sbosh had a failed abortion and that’s what caused her to collapse.

Zodwa was not pleased and she gave Sbosh the worst treatment anyone could get.

Now everyone has accepted the news but there still is a huge barricade on Scara’s side.

Scara is now being forced to backtrack on the pregnancy by his mom who says Sbongile is a Jezabel.

She and Zodwa had a huge fight in a tarven and now that they are about to become in-laws it seems these issues will only keep getting worse and worse by the day.

Scara’s mother has not accepted Sbongile and she’ll go to lengths to make sure of that.

On Friday she even banned him from mentioning her name in the house.

Scara was possed to go for their first check up with Sbosh at the hospital for their 3 months regular baby check up.

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