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Popular Sangoma Gogo Maweni brags about bewitching husband

No shock there!!

Popular sangoma Gogo Maweni has come out bragging that she bewitched her husband.

This comes months after she went on Podcast and Chill with MacG revealing that she used juju on her baby daddy who is a soccer star as well as actor S.K Khoza.

Now she has revealed that she and her husband Sabeli Mgube signed a contract giving her the permission to turn him into a tokoloshi if he dies before her.

She revealed this when she posted on her Instagram stories that she and her husbae work very hard for their money and they wouldn’t want their children to suffer in case they die.

She said, “We cannot let our children suffer because one of us died. We have to return to the living.”

Even her husband said that he knows that he was bewitched and he knows it but can’t do anything about it.

“One thing for sure, mina ngidlisiwe, I can feel it”, wrote Mguni on his Instagram story.

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