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Sangoma rituals, stroke and untold circumstances surrounding Mampintsha’s death


SATURDAY 24 December was a sad day for most music lovers and fans of Kwaito Legend Mampintsha.

The singer was declared dead after he suffered a stroke on Thursday 2 days apart before his death.

News broke out that Mampintsha had been admitted at King Edward Durban hospital after he suffered a stroke he was later transferred to Durdoc Hospital in Central Durban.

While many keep mourning the artist a lot of uncovered and unsaid truths have kept some people wondering what could be happening.

Before his death, his sister Pinki Gumede revealed that Shimora suffered a stroke after he defied a ritual by a Sangoma.

Pinki revealed that Mampintsha had been told to perform a ritual but when they had bought everything needed he didn’t show up.

“He told us that he consulted with isangoma and was told he needs to do (amagobongo) traditional ceremony.

“He asked us to buy a goat and get impepho so he could perform the ritual. We went back home and did exactly that. But he never arrived,” narrated his sister.

She added that, instead of being there in flesh he told his family to perform the ritual without him.

“Instead, he phoned and told us to perform the ritual without him. We were surprised by this but couldn’t do anything. As a result, we slaughtered the goat and ate it. But we didn’t burn impepho,” she said.

Few moments later, Shimora was hit by a stroke and was rushed to hospital where he then difficulties with his speech.

However as IndAfrica, we can not fully declare that the death of the musician was linked to him defying instructions by his Sangoma.

Meanwhile there has been a lot of drama surrounding the death of the musician.

It has been reported that Mampintsha’s mom was rushed to a hospital after she collapsed following being denied access to her son’s body.

Reports have it that there’s a feud between Babes Wodumo (the wife) and Mampintsha’s family who want to stop her from burying her husband.

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