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Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss suicide note revealed; alludes to past challenges


Earlier this week it was a dark day in the entertainment sector across the world and on all social media platforms.

The dark cloud was cause by the passing away of celebrated dancer and Ellen DeGeneres resident DJ Stephen Boss better known as tWitch.

The media personality was found dead after commiting suicide at a motel less than 1 miles away from his house after his wife had reported him missing on Tuesday.

According tabloid publication, TMZ tWitch had gone missing and his wife reported it to the LAPD but later found his body at a motel close to their residence.

The Wife revealed that she didn’t know what what caused him to take such a route.

Now tWitch’s last parting note has been revealed by the publication.

According to law enforcement sources the note found at the site of the tragic incident was very much ambiguous.

In the note tWitch mentioned a lot about past challenges, that he faced and were not fully addressed. However its not clear what he was referring to in the note.

It has been revealed that the dancer and entertainer took a Uber from his house to the motel on Monday afternoon and put his phone on flight mode so as to cut off all forms of communication.

Fellow actor, Columbus Short who starred with tWitch in ‘Homecoming’ and ‘Stomp’ suggested without any proof that tWitch was facing money problems that’s why he decided to take away his own life.

He said, “People made investments, people do a lot of things — this is just a theory.”

In a short video speaking about tWitch he added, “What if you invested something that took your whole life savings, possibly? … It gets rough.”Short’ s allegations are not proven and remain conspiracy theories.

He also added how tWitch was a great person and how people should be kind to others all the time, “You guys don’t know what people are going through … People are awful … tWitch was amazing, is amazing still — his legacy shall live on.”

This comes at a time when men are being encouraged to speak out about their challenges.

The suicide rate among Black men has risen to a record high and this has become a pressing topical issue requiring instant attention and solutions.

Mental health struggles have increased especially during the Covid-19 lockdown period. Depression and Anxiety cases rose to a record high as well.

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