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Jojo falls sick after eating umuthi from Winnie and Mbali

The Hlatshwayo sisters are back at it again and they are not stopping at anything untill they get what they really want.

The older sister Mbali has been planning to make her way back into Jojo’s life and she’s ready to do everything and anything that it takes for her win him back.

She went as far as visiting a traditional healer who gave her some muthi concoction to put into Jojo’s food with hopes that he’d fall back in love with her.

She even decided to use her younger sister Winnie to do all her dirty work but not in the way she has been expecting for things to work out.

Remember Winnie has been having feelings for Jojo and the muthi will now work in her favor as Jojo falls in love her.

Now unfortunately for Mbali Winnie and her ex-husband are about fall in love and become a good couple which all fans have been wanting.

Last night he got a fever and tonight it’s getting worse after he ate food laced with the muthi from Winnie.

Even though Mbali will come and try to sleep with him while he’s sick like that but it won’t held any fruits as Jojo will only entrust her with running uthuli waste.

Meanwhile Winnie is already in panic mood wondering whats really wrong with Jojo and wants to take him to the hospital but he refuses saying its nothing serious with hopes that he’ll be well.

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