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Skeem Saam: Jacobeth kicks out Lizzy

For Jacobeth love is sure thicker than blood as she’s already been blinded by the New man in her life, Prof Kganyago.

Kganyago has now officially proposed to Jacobeth and now wants her to be his wife and he takes over as the man of the house.

Kganyago is on a mission to steal all the money from unsuspecting Jacobeth. So far she already resigned from her teaching job under his pressure and guidance.

Lizzy, the daughter of Jacob has been suspicious of Kganyago as all his stories seem not to be adding up and to her he’s just too good to be true.

Now Jacobeth who is under a love spell and the charm of a man who makes her smile is not taking any advice from anyone especially her daughter Lizzy who has been trying to raise alarms about Kganyago.

To Lizzy who has been trying to understand the man, his stories don’t add up anymore he lied about his wife’s death and about his daughter in Ireland.

Now that Lizzy has been kicked out of the house it means Kganyago will easily steal money from Jacobeth. He will force her to invest onto crypto trading and get away with all her money with the pretence that the money is maturing but then eventually dissappear into thin air.

Surprising enough he is actually working with Luc who they were together in hospital a well known scammer but pretended to have changed his ways.

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