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Actress Thati leaves Gomora as she fears for her life

The show is getting heated up on Gomora after Mazet tried to steal and kill Thati’s new born baby.

Could this mean that the actress Katlego Danke is officially taking her maternity leave from the show as it was reported that she’s pregnant.

This comes after it was reported earlier this year it was reported that the actress was pregnant in real life and producers of Gomora were trying their best to incorporate the pregnancy into her storyline so that she doesn’t have to take a break from the screens.

The actor has been pregnant with the baby of her late husband who was also the younger brother of her first late husband.

On Gomora Thati has so far lost three of her children one to gun shot the other to a fire and a third one l miscarriage. If Mazet had succeeded stealing this one and killed her it would have meant that Thati lost 4 of her children all in a space of 2 years.

Due to fear of losing her child she decieded to go far away from Gomora to raise her child until she’s grown up to a better age. She and her mother, Sonto with the help of Mabuza the taxi rank boss and stompie they managed to save the baby and go to another country.

Thati and Sonto have now decided decided that they will relocate to Mozambique for the safety of the baby and get away from the dangerous place which is Gomora.

Meanwhile on the other side od Gomora Sbosh has found out that she’s pregnant with Scara’s baby while Scara is currently arrested for selling Matric exam papers.

Now her secret is coming out and all hell is about to break loss as Zodwa finds out about her deep dark secret. Scara doesn’t want her ro abort but will move in with her but his family won’t approve of the relationship.

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