DJ Cleo denies visiting Bricks in prison

South African top singer and music producer DJ Cleo, Eskhaleni has denied ever visiting his friend in Prison.

Cleo was on Podcast and Chill when he made the revelation that he did not take time out of his busy schedule to go visit his former friend Bricks who is doing time in prison for rape.

Bricks is currently arrested at Krugersdorp prison doing time for raping his neice.

Speaking with MacG Cleo vehemently denied visiting Bricks regardless of picture saying otherwise.

“No I didn’t visit him. I did not go to visit him. I was there on a charity event then I just happen to meet him and we spent some time together,” said Cleo.

However Cleo continued saying its not a problem for him to visit a brother in prison because they once worked together.

“Even if I visited him, its not a crime that I’m visiting a brother in prison. He did his crime and he’s doing the time so I can’t also live like I’m in crime,” said Cleo.

The two used to work together but had a fall out after having various disagreements.

Cleo said it took him nearly 3 years to forgive Bricks because he went as far as bad mouthing him.

“It really took me a long time to forgive him. He said bad things. He left saying bad things. It took me upto three years to really get over it,” added Cleo.

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  1. Bhuti Cleopus uyindoda eqotho shame cela nje ukusho lokho nokuthi whether you went there to visit him or for charity work you did not crime there and you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone.

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