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Skeem Saam: How it begins to end in tears for Jacobeth Thobakgale

Love is blind for for the Skeem Saam actress former Principal Thobakgale she’s about to get served a bitter dish.

All along Professor Kganyago and Luc have been playing a very smart game acting like strangers.

The initial target was Doctor Lizzy but after failing to get her Kganyago moved to her mother.

Now Jacobeth is deep in love with a man she doesn’t know very well.

He makes all women tick including MaNtuli.

Kganyago has now influenced Thobakgale to resign her job so that she can quickly get her retirement packages.

So far she has been introduced to crypto trading. Kganyago has been fooling everyone around him even John Maputla.

Already Jacobeth has kicked Lizzy out of the house and this will only escalate Kganyago’s plan and make sure he swindles her very fast.

Jacobeth will invest into a crypto system which she doesn’t know anything about and all the money will be taken by Kganyago.

He has been lying about everything including having a child abroad.

Keep Watching Skeem Saam as the scam love story unfolds.

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