Sangoma spoke about DJ Sumbody’s death in September

Tweeps are in awe after finding out that the death of Dj Sumbody was spoken about in September.

A female prophet and traditional healer spoke about the death of the musician in September.

The sangoma identified as Umakhosi 99 wrote on her twitter on 25 September that Djs should be careful and mentioned Sumbody’s name revealing he will die through an injury and loss of blood.

“Prophetic warning to all Dj’s , especially those who have featured Dj sumbody, there’s one Dj in particular can’t mention names , but he’s going to be severely injured in the head by an off balanced speaker , heavy bleeding leading to death or , mental illness” wrote Umakhosi99

She continued saying this will happen at a gig in the township but people like underestimating such warnings amd take them as a joke.

She continued, “Particularly at a gig in the township / kasi ! It may sound like a joke , since y’all like underestimating , take it as you will lol RT for awareness !be extra vigilant at your gigs !”

It is important to note that DJ Sumbody died on Sunday Morning after being shot.

He was on his way to a gig coming from another gig at NewsCafe Woodmead in Johannesburg.

Now that tweeps have come to know about the series of tweets by the Sangoma they wish precautions were taken for the late DJ but it’s too late.

On Wednesday Friends and family of DJ Sumbody gathered together to pay their respects in a memorial service.

The service was filled with sadness especially when Cassper Nyovest took to the podium though he tried so hard to fight the emotions but they got the best of him as he broke down into tears explaining how DJ Sumbody changed his life.

The Gauteng government has now pledged to build a school in Owner of Dj Sumbody real name Oupa John Sefoka.

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