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‘Never coming back’ Sihle Ndaba permanently exits etvScandal!

In the most dramatic twist of events every Scandal actress Sihle Ndaba who acted as Dudu on the telenovela has announced his permanent exit from the show.

Dudu who joined in the show last year as part of the rich Kubeka family managed to steal people’s hearts.

The actress has now announced that Tuesday was the last time we see her on our screens as Dudu Kubeka.

She made the announcement on her Instagram without saying much she wrote, “and its an official wrap for Duduzile Kubeka. Thank you so much for watching its been real.”

On screen Dudu acted as the most focused and successful young girl but was so unlucky in love as she kept being heartbroken.

Though her career was on the perfect path of success her love life was in shambles.

She was stuck on an ex she couldn’t let go.

After she got back stabbed by her brother who slept with her ex Lira she decided to take a break from love but fell in love with Vuvu.

She managed to fall in love with Vuvu who was previously into heterosexual relationships but got her engaged into homesexuality.

Their relationship went well until Lira showed up in the pucture again as theu were planning on going to France.

This caused Dudu to cheat and later dump both Lira and Vuvu at once.

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