Sonia Mbele’s son accused of abusing his baby mama

Actress and television producer Sonia Mbele’s son has topped the trending charts for the wrong reasons.

Sonia’s son Donell Mbele is being accused of abusing his baby mama Reokiditswe to a point of almost killing and r*ping her.

Reo has spoken out on social media exposing how Donell has been cruel to her as he emotionally and physically abused her.

She posted several pictures of herself showing bruises on her face and how he pulled out some of her nails.

Donell once acted on the old Generations as Queen Moroka’s son.

According to Rea, the child star started assaulting her after she confronted him with allegations of infidelity and cheating.

She says he dragged her all around the house. He threatened to kill her and even to r*pe her.

This man abused me on four different occasions. Each time, worse than the last. And on the most recent time, I wanted to [l]ay charges but was conflicted by so many things. Firstly, my love for him. I put him before myself and all I thought about was his future and how selfish I’d be to ruin it,” she said.

“Secondly, his mom is [a] public figure, so I didn’t want to drag her name into it. But after today, he hit me, suffocated me and dragged me around his house, then laughed in my face. I realised this man isn’t going to change and the man I feel in love with, just doesn’t exist anymore. I appreciate the love and support you all are giving me.

She also added that she will be opening a case against Donell.

“So now I need to put myself first. And for those asking, yes I am opening a case. It was the last thing I expected,” she added.

Sonia Mbele has not yet responded to allegations leveled against her son.

Last week Sonia was on top of the trends after she revealed that she was finally in love after going through a nasty dirvoce.

Sonia revealed that she has found love beyond the oceans in America.

Although she didn’t give much details about her new relationship she said that she was more than willing to make this long distance relationship work.

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