Sonia Mbele wants her son to face the law for abusing girlfriend

Actress Sonia Mbele has released a statement after news that her son Donell has been abusing his girlfriend broke out.

Today social media was taken by shock after Sonai Mbele’s son’s girlfriend Reokiditswe took to social media revealing how she has been abused over and over.

She accused Donell of emotionally and physically abusing her. Assaulting her and threatening to kill and r*pe her.

She says this all begun after she confronted him with allegations of infidelity and cheating.

Instead of responding he resorted to violence.

In a press statement Sonia said she will always support Reokiditswe as she is a survivor of an abusive relationship herself.

She also revealed that her son will fave the full might of the law and deal with his demons.

“I woke up this morning to a different world, a world I thought I had long buried. From the age of 17 to 26 I was with a man who was abusive, physically, psychologically and emotionally,” she started off her statement.

She continued saying she does not support any violence and wants to assure her support for Reo.

“I do not stand for, support or condone such [a] stance. These are struggles I’ve spoken about extensively in my early career to encourage other women in similar situations.”

Read her full statement below

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