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etvScandal: Vuvu moves in with Jojo

The drama continues to unfold on Scandal after Bridget (Vuvu) got dumped by Dudu last night at the airport.

It was a bitter moment for Vuvu as she received a text message that she won’t be going to France anymore.

Dudu decided to dump both Vuvu and Lira but now Vuvu has nowhere to go as she was kicked out by her parents.

She will force herself back into the Kubeka mansion at first Jojo will decline but being a good hearted man he will let her and the kids stay for a few more days.

Vuvu is very angry and most of all heartbroken.

She had already announced on her social media and told all her family and friends that she’s leaving Africa for France with the love of her life.

Now she has to face everyone back with a lot of disappointment on her face.

Such heartbreak can turn someone into a drunkard.

Meanwhile Mbali is plotting her come back into Jojo’s life to see if she can win her man back.

Remember she was dumped after all her lies got exposed and Jojo chose Winnie over her.

Now she’s back to poverty in snake Park and is trying her best to win Jojo back. Let’s wait and see.

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