Dj Sumbody Sister calls out on his sidechick

As the old Zulu adage goes ‘Nasemfeni bazohleba’. Drama has already begun brewing just a few days after the passing of music producer DJ Sumbody.

DJ Sumbody was gunned down on Sunday Morning on his way to a gig from Newscafe Woodmead in Johannesburg where he had another gig.

Now one of his alleged side chicks posted a tributary message on her Instagram stories but has since been removed.

The tribute has now sparked controversy as Sumbody’s sister was quick to attack the side chick.

The woman Identified as Buhle has now been called out by DJ Sumbody’s little sister accusing her of being inconsiderate.

“I don’t know why you would post such on social media. I’m his lil sister. This video is the most insensitive thing you did. You’re inconsiderate of the family and his wife my sister”.

“This is very tacky and distasteful. As a woman, you should know better, do better. Stop being petty love, no one will throw you a petty party. You just wanna be a glorified side-chick that’s not even recognised. Do have a good day,” the sister said.

Though the video was removed people had already gotten screenshots of the whole little fight.

It is now trending on social media Instagram gossip blog The Popcorn Room.

Meanwhile Nota Baloyi has seemingly blamed Sumbody for his own death.

Nota claimed he was killed by his own people and he was mixing music with drugs that was the cause of his demise.

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