Nota Baloyi hints at who shot and killed DJ Sumbody

South African music executive and insider Nota Baloyi has hinted at who shot DJ Sumbody.

DJ Sumbody was shot on Sunday Morning on his way to a gig from another gig at NewsCafe Woodmead Johannesburg.

While everyone else is crying and mourning the death of the DJ, Nota who is known for having controversial opinions has now come out to the open and claimed DJ Sumbody brought his death upon himself.

Nota has hinted that the music producer and business owner was shot by his own close people and it was due to drugs.

Nota bluntly warned upcoming singers not to mix music with drugs as they will face the same fate as well.

In a series of twitter threads he wrote, “Monate Mpolaye… We lost my brother Citi Lyts to these streets this year & there’s no justice in the streets. I pray the young impressionable ones learn that music & drugs don’t mix. Watch the company you keep because your talent is you ticket to the big time away from big crime!”

He also went on to reveal that rapper Khuli Chana was once shot by the cops and reveals who might have shot DJ Sumbody.

“Khuli Chana got shot by the cops… DJ Sumbody got shot by his opps!” tweeted Nota.

Meanwhile it is important to note that yhe police have not yet arrested anyone for the murder and investigation are still underway.

Gun violence has become rife in South Africa and most of the times celebrities are always the target.

As it stands the murder trial of slain Bafana Bafana goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa has not yet been solved.

It still remains a mystery as to who killed him but some suspected have been arrested finally it seems there’s some light at the end of the tunnel of this case.

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