Meet Somizi’s long lost twin who looks just like him

South Africa is many things but it’s definitely not a boring country.

A video footage of Somizi Mhlongo’s look alike has been trending on social media and this has given peoe the much needed laughs.

As many now claim that the person in the video is Somizi Mhlongo’s long lost identical twin, LOL right!

The young man in the video has been identified as Shebeshit and he really has commanded the attention of every South African on Social media.

His striking resemblance to the Idols Judge got people calling him names such as ‘Somizi lite’ some have claime that they are related.

However, Shebeshit has now come out to the public to set the record straight.

He has told people that he is in no way related to Somizi Mhlongo.

“We’re not related,” he said.

Somizi has however not yet commented on the video. He will definitely take it lying down as he is one jovial fellow.

He likes making jokes and laughing a lot he will definitely make a whole laughing matter about the issue or maybe reach out to his long lost identical twin lol who knows.

Some social media users have now demanded that Somizi and Shebeshit should do a public DNA test to determine if they are really not related.

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