Sonia Mbele finally Finds love in America after messy divorce

It’s been over 8 years since actress Sonia Mbele was reported to be going through a messy divorce with ex-husband Lesile Sedibe.

Her former relationship was one of the reasons why she quit acting on the old Generations as Ntombi.

Mbele has finally found some love and is all booed up with an international man.

She has admitted that she’s finally moved on but is in a long distance relationship.

“Yes, I am in a long-distance relationship. My man is based in New York.

“I have been burned and I prefer to keep my love life away from the brand Sonia. It’s taken me a few years to understand that I need to protect the things that are important to me. All I can say is that he loves me more than I love him, which is very important to me.

“I have been through my fair share of hurt and have protected my heart for the longest time. Now it’s time to let go. I have learned that it’s important to enjoy being loved and enjoy someone who appreciates me for who I am.

“He doesn’t know that back home, I’m called Ntombi and he doesn’t care about what I do for a living, he genuinely loves me for who I am. Love is a beautiful thing.

“I enjoy dating, having fun and having the small things in life. I am always travelling. I see him almost every month or every second month. Long-distance relationships can be tricky but we make it work. We have been doing great since 2019.”

Soeaking about her previous marriage she revealed that she and her ex-husband were just two different people and could not agree on anything.

“I don’t know of anyone who willingly walks away from their marriage if they still want to make it work.

“But the truth is Leslie and I were two different people who wanted different things. Yes, we loved each other… I became the person that he wanted me to be and lost myself in the process,” she said in an interview with local publication TimesLIVE.

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