Actor Hungani Ndlovu angers fans by defending pitbulls

South African Actor Hungani Ndlovu better known for his role as Romeo on etv Scandal! Has now angered his fans after he defended pitbull dogs.

The topic of banning Pitbull dogs has been on top of trending charts as more and more cases of the dog killing people have been reported.

While everyone is agreeing that Pitbulls have killed so many people and in some instances even the owners.

People have resorted to calling for a ban in domesticating the killer dog breed.

Hungani came in with a different opinion saying people should never blame the dogs but the owner.

“Pit Bulls aren’t inherently dangerous dogs. The owner is responsible for how he/she moulds the dog. Y’all wanna ban Pit Bulls but keep Rottweilers, Bull Terriers, German Shepherds, the list goes on! It’s not the dog! IT’S THE OWNER!!!” read his tweet.

He continued, ““This Pit Bill (sic) situation is like blaming fast cars for people being involved in accidents instead of blaming the driver!!! You can’t drive 300km per hr then jiki jiki you’re in an accident and we must blame the car🤔 it’s the OWNER not the dog!”

In yet another post in which he defended the dangerous dogs, the Romeo actor compared the pit bulls to blaming alcohol for accidents caused by people who drink and drive.

“This PIT BULL situation is like blaming alcohol for the drunk drivers on the street instead of the drinker/driver. The problem is the owner not the dog!”

Fans were not pleased with his opinion as they showed him where to get off and insulted him.

Some of his fans told him to stick to being an entertainer and stop being an opinionist.

He did not respond.

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