Pics: Lamiez b£ating up Khuli Chana?

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As much as it is something that people are still not used to. Women are not the only people who suffer in the hands of men. There are also men who suffer in the hands of women they married.

There have been unconfirmed rumors about Lamiez and Khuli Chana’s marriage. It seems as though someone just created a story out of nowhere, based on how Khuli Chana responded to allegations.

Lamiez is a South African DJ and media personality. Despite having her own clothing business, she is married to the well-known Khuli Chana. She did not become famous after pursuing and marrying her husband. She established a name for herself and progressed up the corporate ladder.

Many assumed Khuli Chana and Lamiez Holworthy had been married for a long time when they celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary in November 2020. Khuli Chana, a rapper, and DJ Lamiez Holworthy, his wife, have kept it strong and beautiful. It’s as if they’d only met recently.

A user took to Twitter and posted a screenshot whereby another user is accusing Lamiez of beating up her husband. The user said we all know you beat that man, and that the truth will soon come out. Khuli Chana responded and actually laughed at the whole thing.

He said he will sure talk should such happen. He also said that he feels loved by people who are trying to get him to talk if it is indeed happening. He actually found humor in the situation, and had fun in responding to users. Lamiez didn’t respond on any of the tweets.

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