Viral Video Of Indians Hunting For Looters Leaves Many People Traumatized

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Over a week ago, looters shook the whole country when they started burning trucks, looted stores, and torched them.

At first, it was a genuine Zuma faction protest but poor people exploited the situation to get food.

Things turned sour when the Phoenix community in KwaZulu Natal started attacking anyone who is black, which has led to racial tensions in their area.

For the Phoenix community, they were trying to protect their properties from being looted and they went as far as assaulting black people that they found roaming around in their area because according to them, all black people are looters.

Many people are calling on the minister of police
Bheki Cele to condemn the killings as dead bodies due to the Phoenix massacre are piling up in mortuaries.

So far, no one has been held accountable and the masses are blaming President Cyril Ramaphosa for not condemning the violent acts in Phoenix.

In a video that has gone viral, Indians were seen roaming around in a certain area whilst a South African hit song which is very common amongst blacks was playing in the background.

This has left many people traumatized, saying that the video is heartbreaking to watch.

According to the public’s opinion, the police are busy collecting food and furniture from looters instead of raiding Phoenix and protect people from getting killed.

Some are saying that what the Phoenix community is doing is against the law and those that are guilty of this horrendous crime should be prosecuted.

Others have lost hope in the police and calling for the Zulu regiments to retaliate.

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