Stocko girls Pregnant and in big trouble


During lockdown last year a group of girls shot to fame after a video of them dancing to a popular song went viral on social media .The hit song was John Vuli Gate.

They started the John Vuli gate challenge which kept people very busy during lockdown.

However the girls seem to have disappeared from the spotlight again and once popular tweep asked where they are and several answers on their whereabouts came up see below.

Someone said three of the girls got pregnant and the other two and women are still persuing their music career but they are failing because they are not talented enough in terms of singing.

Sadly the five minutes of fame has ended for the girls and many encouraged them to focus on their school instead .

Katt Ariana,notoriously known as “the beyonce” or “Faith Nketsi-look-alike”-has been at the receiving end of heavy critism,insults and nasty comments made by bitter Twitter users.

Many Twitter users have come out taking shots at the issue of her wearing the same outfit to the shoot of the Vuli’gate music video and that comparing her looks to Faith Nketsi was a huge insult to Faith.

Although Some people came to her defence, the insults were far too much for the poor lady. It’s sad to see such bullying being so endorsed on social media like this,in 2020.

Many people end up killing themselves when they have been subject to such brutal attacks.

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