Indian man in viral video shooting rioters in Phoenix shot dead by another Indian man


Just In: Indian man in viral video shooting rioters in Phoenix shot dead by another Indian man.

Reports are saying the Indian man in the viral video shooting black rioters has been shot dead. It is reported that another Indian man thought the viral man was black and shot him.

This is sad as this only reflects how much these people dislike black people.

The deceased was a Pastor who mobilized his neighborhood to defend itself against looters.

However, things did not go well at the end and he was shot by one of his kind. Many are calling it Karma after a video of him shooting at people went viral. It is true that if you live by the sword you die by the sword.

Others are rejoicing and calling it good riddance but his close friends and family are in pain. Violence never solves things well and with the way things are going South Africa needs to be saved.

This all started after residents of Phoenix took matters into their own hands and killed rioters in the suburb.

According to sources in Phoenix, when the alleged looters failed to get to the shops and malls they turned to harming people and damaging property. The alleged looters are also said to have harmed anyone within their reach resulting in the massacre.

This has turned into a racial issue which might have dire consequences on both sides. Whilst others are supporting Indians in Phoenix suggesting that they are only protecting their lives and property.

However, witnesses beg to differ and are sharing their incidents on social media.

Black people have been responding and promising to fight back. A video of masses flocking out of their homes to Phoenix to retaliate is circulating on social media. This has only left members of the public in fear.


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