Exposed: Young man dates 203 ladies using VW Polo


A South African guy Luvhani was dating 203 ladies at the same time using his VW polo GTi. He took selfies/video with each of them.

The big question, Is he the young Uncle Roland of our generation?

Most ladies love being driven around and maybe that’s why Luvhani could easily any lady of his choice.

The leaked videos of Luvhani displayed the modern biblical Solomon using his asset- VW polo GTi to lure ladies. Luvhani’s videos received mixed feelings on social media as he proved to be a mastermind of dating.

According to a close source, the guy used to just wait for ladies even in highways and charmed a lot of them.

It is said that other than using his car, Luvhani was a sweet talker hence ladies easily fall for his tricks.
It depends on how someone considers the issue of having many girlfriends.

Whether it was just for fun or Luvhani was promiscuous, we are yet to find out.

The fact that the guy had more than 100 girlfriends in his VW polo some sort of talking prowess of Luvhani.

Below are some of the leaked videos of Luvhani with his girlfriends:

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