Video: It has been confirmed, Polo drivers always win


Over and over again Polo drivers show other motorists that no one can beat them. This time a Polo driver has been recorded whilst looting a bed and putting it on top of his car.

In the video people are busy running and looting but one thing catches the viewer’s attention.

Appearing nowhere a Polo driver puts a whole bed on top of the car and drives off whilst trying to balance it.

This whole looting and violence has affected many negatively. The damages will need to be repaired and in the middle of the pandemic it is going to be a hard rock to climb.

Many times Polo drivers are seen trending and circulating on social media for various reasons. It seems wherever there is dram a polo driver is involved. Lately women have been warning their friends that Polo drivers will hurt you when it comes to uMjolo.

Video: It has been confirmed, Polo drivers always win

It is without doubt that VW owners are the most reckless drivers in Mzansi but it is never right to degrade other people or say negative things about the dead. Instead every one must drive responsibly and adhere to road traffic regulations.
Some other people have said some pretty degrading things about Polo drivers . Not all drivers are the same and degrading and insulting someone is never good.

“VW and Golf drivers have small minds, poverty minds. They want to prove a point on the roads with their tin can cars,” one guy posted on Twitter after Polo drivers were trending.

Not many were in support of his choice of words but people certainly agreed with the fact that Polo drivers are always seeking for attention and at times it does not end well. Polo guys attacked this man and said he was bitter because a Polo driver took his girl.

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