Video: Jub Jub vs Lerato Kganyago public fight


Reality TV star Jub Jub and Lerato Kganyago are at war over the looting taking place in Mzansi.

While many have been wondering why our celebrities are quiet, Jub Jub has spoken out and defended the looters.

But LKG decided to make it a debate, which didn’t end very well for the DJ and radio personality.

Jub said he was tired of seeing black people calling others hooligans just because they were talking from a point of privilege.

He then emphasised he didn’t condone the looting but questioned what was suppose to happen when people had been misled for years.

Lerato said Jub Jub was sending the wrong message to the public.

“Some of us have been just as frustrated and upset for many, just in case you think looting by government started four months ago,” said Lerato.

She further said the chaos was a result of what has been happening from years ago, going from one president to another.

“Let’s not have selective outrage. With the Guptas. Let’s start unpacking from the root of the problem till today,” she said.
Her comments didn’t sit well with Jub Jub.

He then asked her who made her the minister of right messages in South Africa and then further explained his opinion on the looting.

Many of Jub Jub’s followers agreed with him.

“What Jub Jub is saying is exactly why I don’t follow SA celebrities.

When we need them to use their voices to echo our frustrations, they are silent and AWOL. They do not use the voices that we give them through supporting them, to support us when we need them most,” Phindi Dlamini tweeted.

Cam Modisane said Jub Jub is challenging “clever blacks” to stop judging poor black people who’re looting and the celebrities to speak out against the injustices happening in our country.


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