Man says he doesn’t want NSFAS money if Zuma is not released


A local man is facing some major backlash online after sharing his controversial thoughts on the #FreeZumaNow protests.

– The clumsy social media user made use of the wrong word in his passionate statement, much to the satisfaction of cheeky social media users.

– Mzansi was definitely left laughing and took to sharing their thoughts in the comments section.

It seems a local man should work on his spelling if he’s to have his way, as one Jacob Zuma supporter is hilariously learning. The passionate Zuma-die-hard is being trolled online after one very funny malapropism.

This young man made a silly, nonsensical remark. Images: @MametjaThobile1/Twitter
Heading online , it’s clear the young man has every intention of sounding educated, sharing that he’d give up his student funding in order to see Zuma free.

‘”We Don’t Want NSFAS Allowance Until Zuma Is Realised,” he captioned the post along with a few crying face emojis.

Videos show violent looting amid #FreeZumaNow protests, Mzansi reacts.

However, it seems his education has not yet taught him the difference between “realised” and “released” as many social media users savagely pointed out.

Check out some of the other cheeky comments below:
@lele_efkay said:
“Actually, NSFAS needs to stop paying for your fees until you learn that “Release” and “Realize” are 2 different words with 2 different meanings.”

@Ori_Debig_Beats said:
“Mara nawe “realised” ? NSFAS is much needed this side.”
@sapie_ra said:

“The fact that you want him to be “realised” is the reason why he’s gonna be in jail for a long time.”
@Mike00404392 said:

“Yaa neh, this one is not a student and has never set foot in tertiary.”
@Vho_Welem said:

“You don’t deserve NSFAS, you still struggling to differentiate Released and Realised at the age of 27?”
@Mzwakhee_ said:

“NSFAS will be disappointed to find out they have been blessing someone who struggles with Released & Realised.”

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