Video: Cop caught very drunk in the streets


Video: Another cop caught very drunk in the streets
SAPS cannot catch a break. Week in week out something that tarnishes their images circulates on social media.

This time it is another drunken cop who cannot even sleep because has had too much to drink. In the video the police officer cannot even respond to questions asked by the concerned public.

Instead he just raises his thumb to show he is okay. People in the back ground can’t help but laugh at what they see. Others wonder if it’s his uniform or it is one of the stolen ones that criminals end up using to rob and harass the public.

Police officers can’t take a break in Mzansi. Others trend for complacency, other abuse of power and others harassing the public.

However, what comes around goes around and at times cops find themselves being harassed by criminals.

In Tembisa a gang undressed the police and took their guns. Another man single handedly dealt with many officers who were trying to arrest him and this makes the citizens wonder if they can keep the country safe.

Video: Another cop caught very drunk in the streets
Despite all this police forces keep the streets of Mzansi safe.

They get other things right and sometimes misfire. Some of the police officers take it too far. One was suspended after he impregnated a prisoner. Reports said the cop raped the inmate. The abuse of power at times is unimaginable.

A video of a police officer threatening to shoot a Bentley driver also circulated on social media.

The public was not impressed by this behavior especially after the cop slapped the driver in front of his family. Just imagine being slapped in front of your wife by an officer.

Sources claim the officer wanted to be bribed and when he did not get his money he got furious.


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