Video: Actress Ntando Duma disrespecting disabled old white woman


Ntando Duma trends on social media as South Africans cancel her for being rude to an old white woman.

In a video that surfaced on
Twitter, the actress who was Live on Instagram with fans was seen addressing a situation.

Ntando cursed the gogo and the daughter of the woman who tried talking to her.

She went as far as saying the old gogo was mentally derailed.
“Your mother is mentally disabled… Fvck you and your mother,” she said to the daughter of the white old woman.

Reacting to the actress rude behaviour, a tweep said: “Ntando is so wrong.. At her age she should know that you don’t park your car at a disability parking when you’re not disabled .

All this for clout, they ain’t even cussing her but she’s busy cussing them, even old people..”

After a lot of back lash from her fans and other people on social media Duma has now issued an apology.

Below is her statement.

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