Sangoma explains how you can stop your partner from cheating without witchcraft


IN this week’s episode of Digital Bones, a SunReader wanted to know if it is okay to rica your partner.

And Sangoma Nzama Maluleke said this was normal.

“Partners do it and there’s nothing wrong with it. Partners have to go together to a sangoma and rica each other.

“It’s called bheka mina ngedwa. They do it so they won’t look somewhere else. They will only have feelings for their partner,” he said.

He said it’s no longer okay if one partner wants to rica their partner without their knowledge.

“It’s now witchcraft. You can’t use muthi on someone without their knowledge.

“You are bewitching them the moment you do that, whether the intention is good or bad,” he said.

Nzama said partners will never be separated when they rica each other.

“The other partner won’t cheat no matter how far they are.

“The good thing is that it is reversible. Like when one partner dies, bheka mina ngedwa can be reversed. Otherwise, no other person will be in a relationship with that person,” he said.

He said if not reversed, the person will be troubled.

“He or she will find it hard to fall in love again.”

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