Ghost speaks : My Chommie killed me


FELICIA Moleya hasn’t slept peacefully since her sister died in March last year.

This is because her sister, Tebogo Monegi (36), visits her every night to tell her who killed her.

And Tebogo visited her three times to tell her she was killed by her best friend. But Felicia doesn’t know her sister’s best friend.

The 52-year-old from Rabokala in North West told
Daily Sun Tebogo complained of stomach pains before she died.

“Tebogo came in a dream for the first time in September. She was driving the family’s brown Polo Vivo.
“She told me her best friend is behind her death.

“She was angry and shouting at me.”
But when Tebogo visited her again in a dream in April, she didn’t say a word.

“When I called my other sister to come and see Tebogo, she disappeared.

“But recently, she comes and shouts ‘my best friend killed me’ and leaves before I can say anything,” she said.

Felicia said she’s worried as she doesn’t know how and when Tebogo will visit her again, but she knows it will happen soon.

“My sister wants to tell me something about her death. Her spirit is haunting me. But she has not shown me the best friend who killed her,” said Felicia. She said they suspected foul play in Tebogo’s death.

“I saw her in her coffin and she was too dark in complexion. She might have been given poison or something else because she complained about her stomach being painful,” she said.

She said Tebogo’s death left an open wound that would be difficult to close.

She said the family would have peace when they get the post mortem results, which they have been waiting for, for over a year.

“Whenever I visit the hospital to enquire about the post mortem results, I’m told there are Covid-19 regulations,” she said.

Tebogo’s other sister, Neleya Moleya (44), said: “My sister’s death has caused the family pain. We want the postmortem results to find out if she was really killed.”

Tebogo’s husband, Morapedi Monegi, said he was also waiting for the post mortem.

Daily Sun also spoke to Sangoma Majoko Hlongwane, who said the dead can still communicate with the living.

“But in Tebogo’s situation, her spirit is not at peace and wants to reveal those who killed her. The family must listen to her as she will continue coming to them until they hear the message,” she said.
She advised the family to visit a sangoma to get clarity.

Another traditional healer, Kuppe Banda, said this means Tebogo was in the presence of her ancestors when she died, which is why she can tell who killed her.

“She will reveal the name. There might be something someone put in her grave to block her from talking to the family,” said Banda.

Gauteng police spokesman, Captain Kay Makhubele said: “We are still waiting for postmortem results.”

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