LEAKED CHATS:Blesser threatens to mke slay queen go mad if she dumps him


A woman is having trouble with her married blesser who is in the habit of threatening her boyfriends with juju and is refusing to end the two-year relationship.

It was all fun and games when she met her blesser two years ago.
Their relationship was strictly about money and poking and everything was going well.


However, she had enough of him and wanted him out of her life but the blesser refuses to let her go and has even threatened her boyfriends.

Tshegofatso told Daily Sun she met the blesser (56) at a restaurant in Joburg two years ago.

She said when he approached her, she suspected he might be loaded.

“I’d just lost my job and our conversation was so good I even told him how devastated I was,” she said.
“He told me not to worry as he’d take care of me. He offered to pay my bill and requested a ride for me.”

The 35-year-old from Kagiso said she and the blesser then started dating and everything was great for a year, until he demanded more.

“He wanted to poke even when I wasn’t in the mood,” she said.
“When I told him I wasn’t in the mood he’d say he owns me and that I should stop playing games.

“I realised he was controlling. He stopped me from going out with my friends and wanted to know where I was at all times.”

Tshegofatso tried to break up with the blesser but things didn’t go well.

“He reminded me his sister was a sangoma and that he’d lock my punani. I decided to move on anyway, but my new boyfriend dumped me within three weeks after he was threatened by the blesser.

“I don’t know how he knew about my relationship, but he clearly has eyes and ears everywhere.”

Tshegofatso moved on with another man, but two months into the relationship the blesser told her she was pushing it and he’d end up doing something bad to her boyfriends and her punani.

She found another boyfriend in February, but the blesser found out about the relationship last week and threatened to give the boyfriend udukanezwe (muthi that makes one go crazy and go around picking up papers).

Her best friend Nelly Mabuza (34) said: “This isn’t fair because this man is married, so we don’t understand why he’s acting like this. We want a sangoma who can protect her.”

Daily Sun spoke to the boyfriend who was recently threatened.

He said: “He told me to leave Tshegofatso alone. He showed me plastics filled with muthi and said I shouldn’t undermine what he could do to me. He said he planned to lock Tshegofatso’s punani because she’s tjatjarag.”

The boyfriend said he promised to stay away from Tshegofatso as he dididn’t want to put his life in danger.

Another boyfriend said the blesser told him he’d would send tokoloshes.
“It was easy for me to believe him, with all the beads he had on him. I haven’t seen her since last year and it will stay that way,” he said.

The blesser said he’s a respected man and won’t share with little boys.
“I don’t understand why she called the media, but I’ve spent a lot of money, time and energy on that girl. I’m not willing to give up on us,” he said and then hung up.

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