Jessica Why? Watch News Anchor savages colleague live on Air


Such an embarrassing moment sports anchor, Jessica corrects her colleague on air, not realising that the nation and the world is watching
Poor, poor, Jessica. Seeing your name trend is rarely a good sign:

Jessica is a sports presenter at Namibian broadcaster NBC. During a live broadcast, she corrected her colleague Elmarie Kapunda live on air, not realising that they are in fact, live.

“No, we are not going to do that! You’re just going to greet me and say: Take it away.” An awkward pause follows before Elmarie informs her colleague that “Jessica, we are live.”

Another awkward pause ensues before the technical director mercifully cuts to commercial.

And so, a meme is born:

Meanwhile, Jessica is eating her humble pie in public:

Many are asking how on earth could Jessica forget that they are on air? But, even live television is rehearsed. She probably did forget, and that is why a dry run before going on air is so important.

With many thousands of hours of live television news beaming all over the world every day, these are bound to keep popping up.

After all, the internet never forgets.

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