Student and teacher caught on Camera Pants down… Watch


Quite a number of Mzansi institutions are making headlines for indulging in immoral acts and masses are not impressed.

A teacher who turns out to be a service personnel is caught on camera with pants down with a female student at an unidentified school.

Informing everyone, the student who records them attracts a huge crowd.

Seeing that people were swarming to where they were, the two in question stage an act. Pretending to be sick, the student is seen receiving consolation from the teacher.

Teacher and student caught on camera with pants down
Other similar incidents have occurred in the past few days and Mzansi is worried. Social media is set ablaze after a leaked video of two students having quality time in the class went viral.

The viral bonking video of students comes barely a few days after a leaked video of a convicted male inmate bonking a female prison warder went viral.

However little is known about the viral video but we can all agree that it was a school somewhere in South Africa. In the wake of this daring video pressure groups have since sent an SOS to the government to investigate the matter.

In the lengthy video, the two students are seen fondling each other and making love. To make matters worse they were in school uniform and the girl is even seen going dirty whilst on the laps of a male student.

Many aired their concerns over the rifle of cases related to this and pleaded with the government to treat these cases as matters of urgency.

The video really got to the nerve of most Mzansi parents given these Covid times were many parents are struggling to keep afloat with school finances.

In another incident earlier this week, a female warder and a male inmate serving life in jail made all sorts of headlines when their viral se_x video went viral.

In the wake of the viral video, South Africa’s Department of Correctional Services has expressed shock after one of its officers was caught intimate with a prisoner.

The department indicated in a statement that it was gutted by a video that has since gone viral of an inmate bonking a female warder.

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