WATCH: Zodwa Wabantu enters rehab half n#_ked


Watch: Zodwa Wabantu checks into rehab wearing a compromising outfit

Zodwa Wabantu has checked in at Herrwood Medical Center where she will be receiving her treatment to cure her addiction .

However, people can’t help but notice the outfit Zodwa has chosen to show up with at the medical centre.

Many are wondering if other patients will be able to concentrate or it is going to be all eyes on Zodwa.

This comes a day after the popular socialite announced she was going for rehab and publicly confessing she was tired of drugs and alcohol.

Many people have come forward to share their stories and encourage her to take each day as it comes. Others have taken the opportunity to publicly admit that they have problems with addiction and want help.

“Hi Zodwa I also have a problem with drug addiction I really need help👏🙏”
“Do they also help with over the counter painkillers addiction Zodwa? tjoo I have a huge addiction for adco dol”
“I stop drinkin n smoking 2 years ago. Thank God”

“So proud of you Skhokho, there’s absolutely no shame is asking for help. Good Luck, uzobuya and uzosithola sikulindile and we won’t stop loving you ❤️👌🏾✊🏾👊🏾”
“You are so genuine, siyabonga. Some deny till they pass on. Ungumuntu serious ❤️”

This is a good initiative that is aimed at helping many with drugs and alcohol abuse problems. Many cases of drug abuse have been reported and recently Nyaope is killing the future of many youths in South Africa.

The dancer and media personality takes things people hide thinking it is embarrassing and she takes it in public so that people realize it is not embarrassing to save lives.

In April she showed her fans that she moves with ARVs because they save lives,

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