Lasizwe offers Zulu king his v__ginity… See reaction from Zulu nation


Lasizwe Dambuza has ruffled a few feathers on social media when he made suggestive comments about the new AmaZulu King saying how he wishes to get busy with His Royal Majesty.

On Friday, the Zulu nation welcomed Misuzulu Zulu as their leader according to his late mother, Queen Regent Mantfombi Dlamini-Zulu’s request. Many people on social media praised the newly appointed King with some admiring his good looks.

It seems as though Lasizwe too admires the King’s looks however he overstepped a bit when he tweeted about wishing the King could deflower him. In other words, he wishes the King could be the one to take his virginity, and he also tweeted how he would carry his children, without hesitation.

The new Zulu King can definitely take my virginity… Literally, I would make a plan on how I would carry his babies! No ways!!! I have the biggest crush on him! He’s such a handsome man with PRESENCES AF! Bayede wena weNdlovu!” he wrote.

As expected the comedian got dragged for this, and people called him out for his distasteful comments about the King. He stated he has a huge crush on the King and that he is mesmerized by his handsomeness.

With all that was said to him, he realised his mistake and corrected himself, but he still did not fold by deleting the tweet.

“Maybe the virginity part was a bit of a stretch BUT STILL!! The Zulu King is so HANDSOME OMFG!! I literally have the BIGGEST crush on him! Wow sir uMuhle My King,” he wrote.

“Most comments defending Lasizwe don’t understand anything about respect that must be shown towards a king any KING.

Senafunda kakhulu naze nalahlekelwa inhlonipho. [You guys are now educated, y’all have lost respect. You do not even respect traditions. It’s this Western mentality.

You respect Kings, there’s no debate there,” a fuming tweep commented.

“I believe that any king deserves to be respected.. It doesn’t matter which tribe…if you usually make jokes about Dakindyebo what Lasizwe wrote mustn’t offend you… A disrespect mustn’t be sour when it directed to your tribe… A King is a King no matter which tribe!!!” another one wrote.

Here are more of the comments:

The 22-year-old once proudly spoken about how proud he is of being a virgin and that he is saving himself for marriage. “As the son of the most-high! A child of God, I am very proud of myself for a being virgin. It’s one of my biggest achievements,” he tweeted.

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