Another woman claims to be Prince Kaybee’s Side Chick… See her Pics


Pictures: Another woman boldly claims to be Prince Kaybee’s Sidechick
Well, Prince Kaybee at it again and this time what explanation will he give to Mzansi.

It seems as if it was just one of those ticking bombs which was about to explode anytime soon.

Yes, he is back on top trends and it’s not for good reasons. Another slay queen has it that she is also Prince Kaybee’s sidechick and has a lot of evidence to put makeup to it.

After the emotional turmoil and the public embarrassment Prince Kaybee and his girlfriend went through, in the past week due to his infidelities, another woman has come forward as being his side chick.

Black Twitters was set ablaze after a viral tweet flooded social media streets implicating Kaybee in another nasty affair.

After the dramatic cheating scandal that took place last week, people are certain that it will take forever for Prince Kaybee to make a comeback.

His side chick, Hazel, posted his intimate picture and screenshots of their conversations. That sealed his fate and exposed him for being a cheater.

However, in the wake of those daring allegations, his cheating woes seems to haunt him. Lethabo Malotsi posted very risqué pictures of herself and captioned them, “Prince Kaybee I’m still your favourite person okay.” Is she actually his side chick or is she just another clout chaser who is desperate for attention?

Pictures: Another woman boldly claims to be Prince Kaybee’s Sidechick
With Hazel, Kaybee admitted to being a player but however threatened her with some lawsuits. Will it be the same case with the new sidechick?

Who knows we are all waiting to hear.

However, it was recently reported Hazel Mahazard. Well, it seems as if Prince Kaybee had to lie that his side chick was more of a custom designer to cover his traces but that’s not true. She got the bling and plug. Just like Prince Kaybee, Hazel Mahazard is also a DJ.

Pictures: Another woman boldly claims to be Prince Kaybee’s Sidechick
Hazel has been a hot topic since revealing her five-year relationship with Prince Cavy .

It turns out that this isn’t the first time she’s heard of a gorgeous woman, as she’s a well-known club DJ and YouTuber known for her amazing body and talent array on these streets.

Hazel Mahazard happens to be a Pretoria-based female DJ. Just like those before her she trades her long days in the corporate world for long nights in clubs.

The 26-year-old, whose real name is Hazel Kotu, took it to the media that told consistency has kept her going. She said it was important that she created a solid brand.

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