Njuzu putting bottle in oninininin


Well Well Well!

Latest update on our lady of the moment Monallisa Zulu aka Njuzu.

More videos of the lady have emerged including one official s_ £ x tape and another one as she puts a bottle of blue label inside her onini along with several others. Click: See Pics…Hell Commander exposed for having small pipii

Meanwhile Njuzu has denied all allegations leveled against her suggesting that she is the one who is publishing her own videos.

Ironically she posted on her instagram saying she was ‘low key happy that at least we’ve seen chikafu cha Trevor’.

The socialite has also changed her Instagram handle from 1Njuzu to Monallisa_chavura.

People on social media have been mocking her for having a big ho le .(I don’t know what that means.)

Please note as a family newspaper we can not post these videos on the site but can direct you to the twitter account with all the videos you need.


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